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And damn that game is really really hard because the controls keep screwing up. The only reason I beat it is because I utilised a bug. The right click play one. but if you sort out that control bug it could have the potential to be a pretty good game. Oh and switch the music to something that's not an annoying short loop. But the rest is pretty cool.

-Psycho 0.o

I Love Anime

I'm surprised though, that you only gave Tenchi Muyo In Love a 9/10, because that is a great movie. I bought it last year on DVD at Anime North (the single greatest anime convention in North America!) in Toronto. Although 9/10 is pretty high don't get me wrong, but it's a very good movie.

-Psycho 0.o

VirulentShuriken responds:

Tenchi = <3!! ill have to check out some info about "Anime North" it sounds awesome!!!


How would you be able to use a soundboard at home when you're not at home?

-Psycho 0.o

Holy shit dude!

That was fuckin' amazing! That was like playing a real Sonic Game! Definately one of my favs! This game is so good in every single way, it's like playing one of the classic Sega Genesis Sonic games. Perfect.

-Psycho 0.o

I like it

I think it's pretty good. I like your style because you hand draw it. That Jeep driving demo was pretty cool, and was that 20 dollar bill with the thingy that magnafies the bill I stumbled upon an easter egg? Because it was pretty cool too. Nice flash.

-Psycho 0.o

Sweet but...

Holy shit is it hard! It's the hardest thing I've ever fuckin'played EVER! Though I think it's probably the controls, because I just can't get used to them. I keep thinking that the up arrow is jump thus meaning I die. C'ant wait 'till it comes to PS2 though.

-Psycho 0.o

Holy shit that was funny!

Oh my god, that was the best velentines day card EVER! Tom and Wade were telling the truth. My favourite was the note one.

-Psycho 0.o

Good but...

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too slow! Work that out and it should be really good. Oh and to the guy before me there are a shit load of golf games on Newgrounds actually. Like Mani Golf, it was on the front page.

-Psycho 0.o

Good times...

Reminds me so much of SNES it's funny. Keep up the good work!

-Psycho 0.o

hey it was alright

Dude it was pretty cool, excellent song(one of my favs), and the stuff was pretty cool. Fix the stuff the guy before me said and it should be great!

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