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Hilarious!.....In a creepy way

Ok, a little...um...weird, and I'd like to add, what in the name of God and everything that is holy was that? What I'm trying to say is...how can I put I put this? Um well let's just leave it at this: "Oooh Timmy at you're dogs organs! They're all slippery! Slippery organs!". Yeah...I'd like to close by saying that I liked it, and it was great and all, but....WTF!?!?!?

-Psycho 0.o

Really Really Creepy

That's some disturbing shit man. Really good, but disturbing and insane. But at the end what were they supposed to be doing? Because it didn't look like dancing if you get my drift.

-Psycho 0.o

The Best Part Of The Movie Was...

The 2 words THE and END. It was just fucking boring man. I don't know how I got through it I was just so bored. Some advice: Don't just create something and blow it up or size it down, or drag pieces of it; anyone can do that, even I can I don't make flash, I just critique them. So when you've got a good movie, an INTERESTING plot, and cool characters, then submit it. But until then don't submit anything PLEASE!

-Psycho 0.o

Keith-56 responds:

i didnt think it was amazing either

but a good flash doesnt need a huge plot and the graphics were better than three out of ten, so common!!

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And damn that game is really really hard because the controls keep screwing up. The only reason I beat it is because I utilised a bug. The right click play one. but if you sort out that control bug it could have the potential to be a pretty good game. Oh and switch the music to something that's not an annoying short loop. But the rest is pretty cool.

-Psycho 0.o

I Love Anime

I'm surprised though, that you only gave Tenchi Muyo In Love a 9/10, because that is a great movie. I bought it last year on DVD at Anime North (the single greatest anime convention in North America!) in Toronto. Although 9/10 is pretty high don't get me wrong, but it's a very good movie.

-Psycho 0.o

VirulentShuriken responds:

Tenchi = <3!! ill have to check out some info about "Anime North" it sounds awesome!!!


How would you be able to use a soundboard at home when you're not at home?

-Psycho 0.o

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Not really...Punk

It is a good song, but it really is FAR too slow for a punk song, and the lyrics and...yeah really not punk, but other than that it IS quite a good song.



That was pretty awesome dude. I loved it. Great guitar work, loving the ripping solos you got there, but I would tend to agree with the people below me to turn the drums up in there. And I think I need to get some kind of drum thing you got...I use loops that I got from my friend lol. I'm still working on trying to get drum like stuff in my music, and trying to get GOOD recording equipment so my quality doesnt suck balls. :P But yeah you did a GREAT job!


JonSantiago responds:

Thanks for the kind words man and for listening. :)

Damn Good

There were a couple pitchy problems with the vocals, but all in all it was a great tune. The guitars were great, hitting all the right notes (the guitars are kinda my style of playing so it made it even better :D) and the drums were just as fierce as they should be. I LOVED the layering you had on the vocals with the kinda death metal/screamo type stuff going on behind the normal vocals, I thought that was a really GREAT touch there. All in all, I think you are a VERY talented musician and I like what I've heard from you!

Love-Hate-War responds:

Thanks alot man. Yeh, sorry about the pitch issues, I was kinda feeling a bit rough that week and my voice was being gay, lol. Yeh man the guitars and drums are the work of my mate ash, he's a bit of a legend :D And the screams are also Ash, scary dude, lol. Glad you liked, alot of effort went into it!

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